Where can I find information about the roadmap of delta.chat?

Hi all.

I would like to know where I can find information about the delta.chat roadmap. Where can I find information about the roadmap of delta.chat?

For example, where can I find out which features will be released this month?

Well, there is nothing like a roadmap … because there isn’t really a road for many of the things happening :slight_smile:
but 1.36 apps are currently rolling out, also during April, introducing QR-based multi-device setup, “all-chat media views”, multi-account notifications and various internal optimizations and fixes.

Works for 1.38 are only gearing up now, and likely involve “1:1 verified group chats”, streamlined/improved multi-device setup (1.36 has it still as experimental) and some fixes and improvements for Webxdc apps.


Hi hpk.

Usually in any app there is a roadmap. For example, on Discourse there is a category called roadmap where you know which features will be released.

For example, https://community.bitwarden.com/t/bitwarden-roadmap/12865

But thanks anyway for answering my question. I thought there was a category in the delta-chat discourse about the roadmap. For example: https://support.delta.chat/t/delta-chat-roadmap/12865

The thing that comes closest to a roadmap is our blog, e.g.: Decentralization Unchained (Psst ... want a UI/UX dev job?) - Delta Chat