Where to find the last version of Delta Chat compatible with an Android 4.0 device

I would like to use the last version of Delta Chat compatible with a device with Android version 4.0+.

On https://apkpure.com/delta-chat/chat.delta/versions
I can find the version v0.501.1 which is compatible with this OS version.

I am wondering where I can find a newer version (if any) compatible with Android 4.0+.

this is probably related to Delta Chat Version for Android 4.1

@Simon thank you for you reply.

That question is different.

I am just asking where I can find the last version of Delta Chat which has been compatible with android 4.0. Where I can find its apk.

I am not asking that the future versions should be compatible with Android 4.0.

Maybe you find something here: https://download.delta.chat/android/
The point is that there are no current versions compiled for that sdk level, so if you want to keep using your old device with delta-chat in the future, I highly recommend you to express your interest for an apk that has a lower sdk level in that topic. :wink:

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@Simon Thank you. I confirm that deltachat-gplay-release-0.950.0.apk in the link you provided does the job. Delta Chat is an amazing application. I hope they consider t support old OS’s.

Hi @dhciy74r

You can find a version (fork) compiled for sdk16 here:


Not sure if it runs at Android 4.0, but sure it runs for 4.1.

It is based on DC v1.2.1 but includes some tweaks to run some basic features on 4.1 again. Please see changelog https://github.com/csb0730/deltachat-android/releases/tag/v1.2.2-testing

As my device only supports 4.1.2 this is my only chance to test it.