Who wants to help with testing new releases?

Hi everyone,

the Delta developers are making huge steps towards stable releases at the moment - what’s needed are testers, who try out beta versions and fresh releases.

As users we have many different devices, which throw many different errors. This way, we can find more bugs, which can then be fixed before they get released. Especially if you use Microsoft Windows it would be very useful - if we get it more stable soon, we can offer Delta Chat in the Microsoft appstore.

I know that some of you are already testing Delta Chat regularly - we already have a small Delta group chat where testers are hanging out. The group is for quick questions, so experienced testers can help new testers. Some developers also joined, so that simple bugs can be reported directly without too much of a hassle. And of course it’s a useful channel to tell the testers when we have a new beta version.

So if you want to join the group, just write a mail to compl4xx@testrun.org and I will add you :slight_smile:


I sent you mail to become a beta tester. I already have a first problem. :sweat_smile: