Why connection to GoogleDNS

I am using DeltaChat with my own Domain (NetCup).
All my Friends are using my Domain, no Gmail.
On my Android Smartphone is RethinkDNS installed.
In the logs is Deltachat shown with connetions to
Does anyone know, why it connectes the Google DNS?
Thanks and Greetings!

for querying provider-db, first the system’s resolver from /etc/resolv.conf is tried - if that is not set, for whatever reason, which seems to be the case esp. on many Androids, there is a fallback to Rust’s default resolver which is or

maybe figuring out the system’s resolver could be improved, however, not sure how easy that is for Rust to get that correctly.

i assume that for sending mails sth. similar is done, not sure, though.

Thank you very much!

It should only be used during initial configuration to query MX record because async-std-resolver library uses it as a fallback and does not support Android DNS configuration:

If this happens at later stages during normal day-to-day use of Delta Chat, please report it as a bug, this should not happen.

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