Why do many invitations can only be deleted and not blocked?

Delta Chat version

Desktop 1.44.1

Expected behavior

Invitations should always show a block button

Actual behavior

Many invitations only show a delete button.

For example I received 9 e-mails since 3 hours ago, all are counted as invitations, and in all of them I can only delete the invitation but not block the sender. I should be able to block the sender.

Many of these e-mails seems like transactional messages sent by computers, like a notification from this forum for example.

Note: I saw that there was something with the To: header and mesages were classified differently depending on the address appearing on the To header. I extensively use aliases and the address I registered as the From address in DeltaChat almost never appears in the To field for the transactional emails (they are always aliases)

Without the block button, I will never stop receiving endless invitations each day.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Subscribe to a service using an e-mail alias that forwards to you own e-mail where DeltaChat is configured
  2. receive a transactional e-mail
  3. See the e-mail arrive as an invitation where the block button is not present

Screen snapshots

if you don’t want to receive such messages maybe you can unsubscribe in the forum from the unwanted topics, what is the point on making that machine send you that messages to block them and ignore them forever in your client? that said another option is to change the settings about receiving email from “all” to “no, chats only”

about the blocking: yes, would be nice to be able to block groups, ex. if some spammer keeps adding you to some spam group