Widget for new messages

I would like to see a widget for Android (and possibly Apple) devices showing unread messages directly on the home screen.
Several other messaging and mailing apps actually include this feature already and I always found it very helpful. The widget should be flexible in size and provide the following content:

  • Sender name
  • Time of receipt (date not necessary due to short-term usage, better save space)
  • Message text

The widget should show all unread DC messages and remove all read ones.
When tapping on a message, the main app should open and switch directly to the respective conversation, marking this message as read.
When tapping on the header bar, the main app should open with the list of conversations.

The message order inside the widget could be either by contact name first and then by time of receipt, or the other way around - this can be debated.

Example image (extracted from coolmuster.com):



Excelente propuesta espero trabajen en ella los desarrolladores.
Excellent proposal, I hope the developers work on it.