Will the Desktop client be plattform independent?


Hi everybody,

I have seen there is a desktop client in developement.

Will this client be plattform independent?

Thank you for reply.

Bye Webratte


It is planned to release the desktop-client for Linux, Mac and Windows

Technically, the desktop-client will be portable. It will be written in JavaScript and will be based on Electron using the deltachat-core-library via c-bindings to node.js. The bindings are already done, see https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-node and the work on user-interface has just started. (is this all correct? cc @ralphtheninja)

Lots or work to do, help is very welcome :slight_smile:


@compl4xx i also find minimal title lengths annoying. imho this leads to titles as “Desktop client --h (why need the tile 15 charters? OK, here we go :wink:)” - and does not force people to think about more words to describe their topic.
i would suggest to use a much shorter minimal length, eg. 4 character.

EDIT: changed the title from “Desktop client --h (why need the tile 15 charters? OK, here we go :wink:)” to “Will the Deskop client be platform independent?”


Riot does this electron thing too, and it seems to work well but please make sure that you disable electron’s analytics for good.


@gargantuan thank you for the hint. searching about “electron analytics” a bit, it seems as if they have to be explicitly enabled - or are you aware of things that have to be disabled?


@r10s Yes, this is correct.


I would love it, if there were an NC APP or an integration with existing NC Apps, as TALK.