Windows 10 pro 64bit delta chat does not start

win 10 pro 64bit v 1909
delta chat DeltaChat-Portable-v1.0.0.exe and DeltaChat-Setup-v1.0.0.exe

About portable.
If you double click the file a folder named deltachatdata gets
created. Subfolder accounts is empty. Subfolder logs
contains log.tsv files. The files have no content. Delta
chat does not start. No error messages.

About setup.
No error messages when you install delta chat. When
you click to start delta chat no error messages. But delta chat does not

Does portable and setup work?

what does it say when you start the exe via cmd or powershell?

start the exe via cmd or powershell?

How do I start delta chat in cmd or powershell?
In cmd
start deltachat-desktop
cannot find deltachat-desktop

that would only work if you had it in the path variable.
you need to cd into the directory with the exe and then type the name of the exe.

delta chat shortcut properties


start in

what should I write?

fist change into the directory:

cd C:\Users\pc\Appdata\Local\Programs\deltachat-desktop

then run Deltachat.exe:


cd C:\Users\pc\Appdata\Local\Programs\deltachat-desktop

It worked both about setup and portable. Deltachat.exe and
DeltaChat-Portable-v1.0.0.exe starts the programs.

After the programs were started one time in command
line, then delta chat setup starts from the menu and delta chat portable
starts if you double click the DeltaChat-Portable-v1.0.0.exe file.

unfortunate that we didn’t get to debug this first time startup issue :disappointed_relieved:
But I’m glad it worked out for you!