Windows Defender reports malware

when I try to install DeltaChat.Setup.0.840.0.fixed.exe on my Windows 8.1 (64-Bit) Computer, I get a warning:

that I should not install Delta Chat Desktop.
I searched in the issues and here in the forum but didn’t find anything about it.
What it this warning? Can I ignore it?
A friend told me that, I don’t know which Windows version he drives, but has also a Defender warning.
Thank for hint

EDIT: md5 of the DeltaChat.Setup.0.840.0.fixed.exe:

Same thing with DeltaChat.Portable.0.900.0.exe (md5: C2D414070D6B2ED5A716183CF3E40544)

We didn’t buy a certificate for signing yet.
That is what it warns you about.

Also welcome to the forum :smiley:

Ah, OK, Thanksy banksy :smile:
I didnt know this is just about some certificate. MS-Moneymaking I guess :grimacing:

I did install it nevertheless and all works finest.

Welcome to you too, thanks :smile:

Whether it might be “moneymaking” or not: It is very common that applications, including those which install one, are signed. (Otherwise you would receive such a notice much more often.)

Delta Chat is a very new application and in beta (developing) status at the moment. I am convinced that the makers will have the files signed as soon as the final version is ready.

Regards, Gerry