"without limitation the rights to use" the intention quarrel

means that one consciously gives his labor, a software to:

  • harm others
  • organize harm
  • promote harm
  • deprive from any justice and communal punishment of misconduct

And what is harm, wrong and unskilful?

  • taking life

  • taking of what hasn’t been given (by body and speech)

  • sexual misconduct, ill sensual indulging

  • speaking what’s not truth

  • harsh, hurtful, vulgar words

  • speech intended to break unite apart

  • useless speech

  • greed

  • aversion

  • delusion

Although giver of “free” try to escape their responsibility by the consciously approve of all evil use of their labor, it’s just another pseudo liberality as one is always heir of one’s action, by ways of thinking, speech and deeds.

And it’s “legal” not even possible to restrict the “freedom”, intentional bond to work for suffering and lose.

Yes, one is given approve by the contributor to even to use the means to desroy and kill them after having gained, without doing any misuse of the gift.

People caught by pseudo-liberalism aren’t a little aware that just they themselves are the only real enemies, have to bare wrong view, eg. ingratitude, as all those did who in delusion “killed” their parents, holly, split good communities and denied responsibility for their deeds.

When people warning others that “common human can be very ugly, if not agree with one” they certain overestimate themselves, don’t see that they themselves just act out of corruption, being still bond by sensual pleasures and relay within the sensul world.

It’s more then ironical that those helping saints provide with all required weaponry and have no idea that their corrupt views are increasing the fire and cemetaries, running their just injustice.

One better “eats grass” than to stay or gain relation to people with wrong view, people who think that they have inherent right.

It’s surely certain naive to think that the responsible here would change their ways caught in a world overwhelmed by wrong view and degeneration, but even if understanding just a sentence for just a moment, that would be of great benefit for them. And it’s just shared for those who can make use of it for a better.

So what’s the fear of putting simple rules and ethis above every productivity and consume? Fear of losing relay on whats not one’s own, out of one’s controll, and become an island with oneself that one can reflect blameless and find joy.

May all start to love themselves instead of ouwardly refuge, develop and prevent their goodness, virtue and proper self-estimate and focus on a beauty that is in reach of one’s control and basic means for one’s increase of liberality and even total liberation.

You wouldn’t give into ethic before pseudo-liberality for the sake of what ever consume, would you? You wouldn’t stop to provide weaponry if such would require you to reduce sensual comfort, gains, would you? You wouldn’t sacrifices for virtue and ethic and encouragement, would you? You wouldn’t like to agree that without strict authority and rules not efforts are made, yet which authority has taken over the corrupt demo-cracy?
Ways are simple either right or wrong, while those on the wrong side aren’t able to distinguish between both, since their attention is bond to sensualty and fruits and taking deeds just as means for it.

There are three doors of deeds, reasons of fruits: by doing oneself, by encouraging others to do (speech, wors, signs) and approve, appreciation mentally with deeds. And it’s that mental matter act-ually most.

Don’t make yourself very unhappy with youself later, having sacrificed and support of what’s feeding just tears and suffering, for yourself and others.