Working with google groups?


can DeltaΔChat be used with mailing lists (google groups, mailman etc) to create a slack like experience?


Delta Chat version
1.2.0 macOS

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No not yet.
In a future yes.

there are some concrete attempts to push maillinglist support forward, eg.


It is also very desirable that when working with mailing lists, each group member has only one mailing address. Otherwise, after some time (when the limit of participants is reached), the group actually stops working.

In my opinion, we need a mechanism that replaces all mailing addresses of mailing list participants in Delta Chat with a group address - then the size of the group will not be limited and this will really be a breakthrough.

P.S. In other words, Delta Chat must send a message only to the mailing address and to none of the participants - they will receive their messages from the mailing list.