Wrong number showed of incoming messages

Delta Chat version 1.8.1.
Samsung Android Galaxy S5 SM-G900F /Android 6.0.1

Expected behavior --> correct number new incoming messages at the icon on the screen

Showing always 3 new messages - realty is = zero…?
I live with that some time, hoping with updates it will disappaer, but…
Now my question for help.

Actual behavior

Steps to reproduce the problem

1.Always to see on the main screen
NOT urgent, but …wrong.

Screen snapshots

Debug logs

If applicable, debug logs can be copied from within the Delta Chat app: 

Open the _Settings_ menu -> _About_ -> _version number|Info_.

Alternatively from the Android system log:

` adb logcat -v time -s DeltaChat `

This log contains private data (e.g. mail address, provider information) which shall be removed or anonymised prior to posting.

newer versions of delta chat (1.8 is a bit outdated) use the “new” “notification dot” (see eg. https://www.howtogeek.com/324124/how-to-enable-or-disable-notification-dots-in-android-8.0-oreo/ )

we decided at some point to use what the core system provides (these dots then) and not to support different manufacturer attempts actively (counters, whatever) - however, if the system shows the counter without the help if the app by just counting the notifications, that may work now (iirc, also for 1.8, we do not add this counter actively, but we streamlined the notification system since then, maybe that helps the manufacturer counting :slight_smile: