Xstore does not update in DC-iOS

Hello :wave:,
I noticed that the Xstore in DC-iOS does not update the apps.
Although it is possible to start an update manually, the apps are not updated.
In DC desktop and the same account, Xstore displays the new versions.
The problem can be solved by simply re-downloading the Store app.
I’m not sure if it’s a bug of the Xstore app or DC-iOS.
Therefore, I have not reported it on GitHub so far.

Xstore in DC-iOS shows the old version of the app:

Xstore in DC-Desktop shows the new Version:

you can scroll down to the bottom, there should be an update button and the timestamp when it was last updated.

I did that and then updated it manually.
But the app versions don’t change.

probably a bug in the xstore then. you can send hi to the bot again to get a new instance of the webxdc store app