You can help testing auto-deletion!


there is an interesting new feature coming up - auto-deletion. It enables you to delete all messages automatically after an hour (or when you want it to), both from your local device, and/or from the server.

Do you want to help testing?

For anyone who doesn’t want to test this feature with their normal mail account, you can try out a second feature as well - creating accounts per QR code! With ad-hoc account creation on, you don’t need to use your own mail account.

A few steps to test:

  1. Download and install the testing apk:

  2. Either login with your email account, or create a testrun account by scanning this QR code with Delta Chat:


  3. When you use your normal account, backup your chat state (Really!), so you can restore the messages on your device. Be ready to lose all messages on the server, as well. Delta will not re-upload them after the testing.

  4. Try out “Delete messages from server” with different time frames and verify they are gone (and check if it works later, as well). You can find it in the settings at “Chats and Media”. MDNs received before autodeletion are not tracked, so they will remain on the server.

  5. Try out “Delete messages from server” with various other settings (“move to DeltaChat” folder or not)

  6. Try out “Delete messages from device” with different time frames and verify device-space is freed (and check if it works later, as well)

Check whether everything works as expected :slight_smile: and if you find any bugs, tell us - either here in the comments, or by opening an issue at

Thank you!


there is now also a 1.5 testflight-release for ios, you can download it at

this version also comes with auto-delete options:

please note, that this testflight-version will overwrite your regular installation, we recommend fresh testing deviced or a backup therefore.

creating a test account by scanning the qr-code from above is also not yet possible on ios - but this will probably come with the next release!

happy testing!

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Will this delete all emails or only those labeled “DeltaChat”?

Deletion will delete emails affected by the “Show classic emails” option, if set to “All”, these are also normal mails. also all media will be deleted. if you will, messages visible in Delta Chat are affected.

btw, you get a detailed confirmation dialog, which and how many mails will be deleted.


When setting auto-delete to immediate, the messages do not show up on the desktop client unless it is open. I understand why it works this way, but it does make immediate deletions less viable.

immediate deletion use case is for users that don’t want message synchronization between DC clients or messages popping up in classic email clients running side by side with DC, if you need synchronization it is better to use other options like delete after 1hour or 1day.