Yozuk - secure, portable and smart bot for programmers

Hi everyone.

Currently I’m working on a bot software called Yozuk. Yozuk is designed for helping programmers with trivial tasks such as UUID generation, digest calculation and timestamp conversion.

I just made a bot for deltachat so if you are interested, start a chat with yozuk@posteo.net. Feedback is welcome!

(Integration was pretty easy because both deltachat and Yozuk are written in Rust)


Nice Project, congrats on making it work.

posteo is known to have sending limits, so it might not be suitable for popular bots. However I’m interested in seeing how posteo works for you as email provider for bots, maybe my presumption turns out to be wrong after-all.

Hi Simon.

I took the posteo account before for another purpose and turned it into the experimental bot account so it’s not an intended choice.

The bot already provides many interfaces (WebApp, CLI, Telegram, Discord and Slack) and I’m not sure how many people want to use the deltachat bot so I think the sending limit is not a big deal for the present.