A suggestion for improving the notification system

As a messaging app, my two favorite choices are delta chat and conversations/xmpp.
I find the notification management implemented in conversations (and other xmpp clients) to be really good: by default you receive notifications only for 1:1 chats, mentions and direct replies to your own message, then this behavior can be changed for each chat to receive notifications for all messages or to mute the chat completely.
I would like to see a similar feature implemented in delta chat either by default for all accounts or selectable (for each individual account or globally).
Basically one should use a default (no need to add special options to be activated) whereby one would only receive notifications for 1:1 chats, direct replies to one’s own message, contact requests and possibly mentions when and if they are implemented, with the ability to change the behavior for each chat.
Or allow via an option (global or by individual account) to select the default behavior for notifications for each new chat created, again with the ability to change it for each individual chat.

Related proposal to allow muting new accepted chats:

Your proposal as I understand it is to have defaults based on the chat type. Newely accepted 1:1 chats are unmuted and newely accepted group chats are muted forever.

yes, with the exception that if in a group chat someone replies to one of my messages I should still receive a notification, unless I have explicitly muted the chat completely.

Something like replacing the option to mute chats with the option to manage notifications:

  1. receive all notifications
  2. receive notifications only when mentioned
  3. mute chat completely
    imho the second option should be the default for group chats, mailing lists, etc.
    while the former should be the default for 1:1 chats
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Another option would be to receive notifications for contact requests and at the time you accept you are asked what kind of notifications you want to receive, again with the option to change the setting later. Although personally I would prefer a default to possibly change later.

These days I have muted several group chats and I have noticed that, at least on android, the number of unread messages for muted chats is not reported on the screen for account selection, I personally think that instead they should still be reported so that if you use several accounts you don’t need to open them all to see if there are messages to read. The fact that chats are muted is so that you don’t get notifications all the time but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t want to read the messages.