Add a way to set user defined DC folder


I use a Alias adress for DC (dev version).
So I would like to move all messeges sendet to this address into a special IMAP folder.
And this folder should be handled as “inbox” for DC.

If I understand it correctly DC (dev version) is ready for this.
There is only a UI item needet to set this folder.
I would like to see a way to set a special IMAP folder for DC in the near future.

Thank you


I think your wish translates into a customizable selection for the INBOX folder.
That would be technically possible, independently from whether deltachat is able to properly sort and manage the chat messages out of the email messages in INBOX

One drawback of selecting a different folder instead of INBOX would be that with deltachat being configured for a (different) alias and INBOX, deltachat can not easily detect your “email approved contacts” (those that have been emailed by you or your known contacts).

Properly determining the email approved contacts, and a size limit for chat messages, is important because it allows to get rid of always having the annoying “Do you want to start a chat” prompt --that is also silent and thus easily missed–, even if an already known contact is sending you a chat message for the first time.

I understand, that using an alias can be a workaround for current or future problems with deltachat not being able to manage the chat versus email message selection properly, but think that exactly solving this problem well is what will make deltachat really easy to use.

More sensible “Do you want to start a chat” prompt

My english is not really good and I don’t understand not all in your post (Google translater don’t really help ;-))

So I will try to make clear what I mean. Maybe you have already understood me.

I user a adress lile
I use a server side filter to move all mails sendet to this adress into INBOX/deltachatmessages (created manually by me)

Now it would be great if I could DC conifigure to only check this folder (UI item needed).
All other mails (including INBOX) should be ignored by DC.
In this case there would be no conflict between DC messeges and regular mail.

Of course this need a little bit technical knowlage. That’s why you still need a fallback for absolutely non tech users (as you mentioned ) because DC first should work out of the box.


Looks as we agree. A configurable folder to be watched instead of INBOX is a technically valid but quite user- and usability-limiting workaround for some proper automatic managment of chat messages.


Of course.

Maybe there could be a item in “extented settings” or “expert setings”.
This way, non tech users or not interested users would not disturbed by this setting.
Only useres who know how to e.g. configure a serverside filter would use this.


In the current dev version 0.92.0 its possible to enable to watch DC folder.

Now I move all messages sendet to my DC alias adress into this folder via sever side filter.

For me it works fine.


For me it works fine, too.


Oh, another thing I just noticed.

If Alice sendet to my DC Alias adress, this message will moved to my DC Folder (by using a server sided filter) and it will only the DC notification comes up.
That’s great :+1:

But if Alice send me a message to my regular adress it will not moved and so DC AND K9 pushed a notification.

I don’t like this behaviour.

There should be also a option “don’t watch the inbox” or “only whatch DC folder”.

This way I could seperate regular Mail from DC messages.


With server filters you may disable all INBOX notifications in deltachat.
However, a size limit is required in deltachat anyway, to avoid notifications for longer regular emails that are not replies to a chat. That should help you as well, at least for a little longer text emails with greetings and footers.


It seems this will fixed (as I like it) very soon: