Always accept all mails as chat by contact

Hello! I have the following wish:

Expected behavior

Choose a contact/an address so that emails from that address always show up as chat in DeltaChat (and thus show notifications, etc)

Actual behavior

Right now I’m not getting notifications if a contact sends me a new mail with multiple recipients instead of a reply to a mail I’ve previously accepted, because DeltaChat shows these as requests and I’m not getting notified about these.

Example Images

Not needed as it would look exactly as it does right now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work on DeltaChat and freedom respecting software!

Have you tried “Chats and Media -> Email Interactions -> For accepted contacts” settings?

Hello, no I hadn’t, because I thought “all mail” includes more mails than “for accepted contacts”. I tried “for accepted contacts” now and that seems to be the case–I don’t even get contact requests for mails by an accepted contact, if they don’t reply to a chat (they are not using DeltaChat) but send a new mail that does include more than my mail address. To me getting all mails by my accepted contact sounds more intuitive. What do you/other people think?

Your problems with deltachat seem absolutely understandable. I’m afraid the current options don’t serve for expanding the use-cases. The options need to be slightly refactored to be able to actually allow adjusting to different use-cases…

I did actually contribute a quite extensive analysis with descriptions of solutions to no avail.
But your topic mostly seems to touch these:

Why would you think one needs to permanently route all emails from a contact to deltachat?
I see the permanent message grabbing as a (current) problem that interferes with regular email communication (and something to be obsoleted by a reasonable chat metric + visible email counter).

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My use case is that I have certain contacts with which I use DeltaChat/want to use the chat-interface, so I want to be notified immediately about their mails/messages as with regular chats. They usually only write short messages just like chats. That we can do that without the need to use the same messenger is what I like about DeltaChat.

Interesting thing is, a few versions ago DC always showed all mails by accepted contacts, so the devs seemed to not have liked it that way, and it’s unlikely they’ll revert it. I can only hope for a setting I suppose.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Sounds like splitting uniform coherent, basic config selections apart, that complement each other together, then turning the parts around, and wrongly lumping them into different diverse options.

I believe your use-case makes complete sense and would be pretty much covered, even without changing an option, just by the devised default to accept (reasonably short) emails from “known contacts”.

Only for the case to get even all long emails notified selectively in deltachat there is this further down in the wiki:

[ ] sender specific rules to always open a chat (white-ins, overrides general settings)

I would not like to get notified by every email, but maybe it can be a workaround while waiting for an important email.

Thanks testbird, I already have it set up as that, but I only get a confirmation request to add mails and no notification per mail. I want notifications though.