AutoCrypt setup through QR code instead of typing numbers

Usability improvement

instead of having the user type that long series of numbers into the autocrypt setup, it shouldnt be too hard to instead use a QR code like the contact one.


Autocrypt Setup Message was more useful for importing Thunderbird keys into Delta Chat, and Thunderbird did not support any sort of QR-code because there is no standard for this. Now that Thunderbird does not support it anymore (maybe it will in the future) there is almost no reason to use it. It is recommended to use backup and restore it on new device for multi-device Delta Chat setups because it also preserves chat history.

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The reason is to sync between devices. Send the message on Windows Desktop and receive on Android, must type the numbers all along to proceed.

This is just not the recommended way to setup multi-device. The recommended way is to use backup for this: FAQ - Delta Chat

I don’t disagree that QR-code for Autocrypt Setup Message would be nice, but there is no focus on it since it is mostly a legacy feature. There is a rough plan to introduce backup transfer over LAN (Wi-Fi) using a QR-code to setup P2P connection, which will make Autocrypt Setup Message even less useful.

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Seriously, using backup as a way to setup multi device doesnt make any sense (even if its the easiert way for a developer to implement it). No normal user would expect that. Even the “send autocrypt setup message” hidden down in the settings isnt what a user can deal with. At first startup there should be already this autocrypt setup message in the initial folder with a big “click me” to make sure the user will have encryption working painlessly.


Given that a user sets up multiple devices with the same account, DC could retrieve automagically the setup message and ask to complete the process by scanning the QR code on any other device. No other manual operation needed, encryption set up and working.

Storing one message that is never deleted (probably even saying “do not delete this message”) in the Delta Chat folder is a nice idea indeed. This could be used to detect that there is another Delta Chat instance already since we already scan for old messages immediately after setup.

cc @Hocuri

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