Multiple device setup is complex

Android installation went quite seemless.
Adding Windows app was more complex.

  1. Windows 10 defender blocked the exe code
  2. When installed, no way to see the + button to start a new conversation
  3. no way to get my Google contacts displayed as in my Android device
  4. sending to myself a message was impossible until I typed a lenghty encryption code

I am as many users using multiple devices to tchat and communicate.
I can use a Chrome OS as well as a Windows laptop or an iOS tablet to tchat.
If the process is complex, your smart solution will remain smart on Github.

Thank you to redesign this multiple device process ASAP to speed up adoption.

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the recommended way is to use backups to setup multi-device. (transfers existing messages, chats, encryption keys, contacts and so on.)
We’re planing to make backup transfer easier (transfer the backup encrypted over local network initiated by an qr code scan).

We didn’t bought an certificate yet, so the builds are unsigned and windows defender seems to block everything unsigned. Why didn’t you download it though the store app? if you’re on win10, you might as well use it:

related: Windows Defender reports malware

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