Backup of all accounts at once in the account switcher

Expected behavior

The backup feature is found in the account switcher.
There you can choose whether you want to back up all accounts at once or individually.
In DC-Desktop, you can save individual accounts by right-clicking on their profile picture.

Actual behavior

So far, the feature is in the settings and you can only back up one account at a time.


It is likely that most users use multiple email accounts for DC.
So far, it’s been a little tedious to back up each account individually.
So it would be very useful if you could save them all at once.
The accounts should then be stored individually in a TAR archive as before.
I think the switcher is the best place for this as accounts can also be created and deleted there.
Also, a backup isn’t actually a setting.

Example Images

I created some mockup images for DC-iOS and DC-Desktop.


version 1:

version 2:

DC-Desktop version 1:

DC-Desktop version 2:

DC-Desktop version 3:


Releated earlier Backup for all accounts

It’s not only easy to miss a back up for one account, but also not easy to recover one by one, requiring to delete one after another backup or move it to other folder, so that the right would be matched.

But maybe things have changed, as long no more used.

Sorry, I missed your feature proposal.

Yes, I should have added that. It would be most convenient if you could select multiple backups at once to restore accounts.