Builds for armv7l architecture?

Hi and thank you a great job with Delta Chat! It’s absolutely amazing! I’m using it more and more and convince people to switch to it (or, at least, use it in addition to other messengers).

I’ve switched to Raspbian/Raspberry Pi 4 as my desktop recently and became cut down from electron based apps which mainly support x86-64 only. Are there any chances and interest to see Delta Chat desktop to be distributed for armv7l as well at some point? Will be happy to participate and test it.

at some point sure, but not soon unless you try it yourself
see the desktop repo for instructions
you need rustup installed on you pi and it will take long to compile.

In essence you need:
install rustup and build-essential on your pi, then run following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd deltachat-desktop
$ npm install
$ npm run build

when done and there was no error run npm run start to start it, if there was an error or you got other questions please let know in this forum thread.

Electron apps take many resources, so we also plan on developing a more native interface:Are there any native linux desktop apps in the works?