Check also the spam folder for messages

I’m not sure about this.

I have created a gmx account to play around and test newest DC releases.

I realized that some “lost messages” can be found in the spam folder.

If I use a mail account only for DC use, I never will log in to check the spam folder.

What do you think about this problem?


As DC prevents spam by itself (by showing “unapproved” contact’s mails only as “contact requests”), I think that we should do this!

Maybe we could show a warning if the user wants to accept a contact request that landed in the spam folder (like, “this message was recognized as spam. Are you sure you still want to start a chat?”)

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and we can visually use another color for such messages

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In my case it was messages which a part of a current chat.
So there was missing messages in this chat.

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This is more important then I thought.

Probably a system message is landed in spam.
I removed a member from a group.

But one of the other group members never received this “remove member message”. I believe this message is landed in spam.

So in his “group member list” the removed member still exist.
Every message he send will also reach the removed member.

IMHO it’s a privacy disaster.