Contact names from address book

I would like to have the option to choose the source for displayed contact names. Currently, only nicknames given in the DC client are used, with a fallback to the name provided with the mail by the sender. However, the highest priority for me (and I assume many others) would be to use the name saved in my device’s address book.
I would propose to add a tier in between, resulting in the following order to determine the displayed name:

  1. Nickname given in the DC client (no change)
  2. Name associated with sender mail in receiver’s address book
  3. Transmitted name from the sender mail header (fallback as before)

Alternatively, one could use a parameter called “Show names from address book”. If checked, the first priority would be changed respectively, while the fallback remains the same. However I think the better solution is described above.

This feature is a vital requirement for me to convince my contacts to move to DC. Most people will not accept entering a new nickname in the client app when the actual name is already stored in the address book.


its not synced currently its just an import so it should currently take names from adress-book only on first import of it / that contact.
see Funktionsunterschiede - #7 by r10s (it’s german so some of you might need to use an translator, I’m sorry for that, but anyways this messsage more or less already says whats written in the linked post)

Sure adding another tier / db column for it could be an solution, but the one that implements it should not forget to also add synchronization, so that changes from the address-book are picked up by DC.

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