"Copy" (publish, share) of conversations incl. files (tricks)

Valued delta-chat team, developers and user,

if one would desir to make a conversation or parts of it accessable for those outside the territory of delta-chat, say rebuild a web-page, for example, what are current use-able tricks. While texts are fine to copy, files are not possible to identify (at least not easy) and reordered when downloaded.

How would a skilled person do it, or suggest it to one, with limited higher IT knowledge and simple tools, to do it?

https://github.com/deltachat-bot/media-archive-bot Could be that this only work for images, but there was an project to publish everything that was sent to a bot to a webpage.
Otherwise my person would suggest using the desktop version, because it has a dialog that asks where to save the file (that is not so common in android apps for some reason), but my person knows this isn’t a possibility for your person, because your person doesn’t have access to such an desktop computer as far as my person knows.

Another quick hack could be organizing the download folder with a filemanager, my person suggests total commander for a filemanager (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ghisler.android.TotalCommander). Simplest option would be put all previous downloaded files into an “Old”/“Previous” folder nested inside of the Downloads folder like Downloads/PreviousDownloads/. So files exported with DeltaChat are the only ones directly in the Download folder so they are spotted easily.

Sadhu good master Simon for attentive care and share of many possibilities. (for individual situation but also for many)

(not sure if such as getting a bot to run is something in reach with own skills. (oh, tools and spanish village: * NPM and NodeJS >= 7.6.) Googleplay isn’t in reach)

The main handicap in restuct lies in the fact that if copy for audios just “voice-record” would be displayed (alternative text) so “image”. If this would contain the filename, all possible to bring together again. Such as quoted texts seems to be left away. But my person things thats designed on the particular app of what is given to copy.

If right observed, when marking many messages for copy, when paste, they wouldn’t be sorted like displayed, but by the messages sending time, which is a further challenge, as messages could be different sorted after paste then displayed on ones chat.

A sorting issue: display via send-time, that makes things chaotic when copy and paste, as it seems (look at time)