Delta Chat "Status" features

The feature is self-explanatory, given the popularity of this type of feature present on WhatsApp and various social media.

I have no idea what the implementation of this feature would be technically, given the way Delta Chat’s email structure and encryption is based; but if there was the possibility and the agreement of the developers, it would be a very interesting addition within the community of encrypted messages.

I don’t think that this feature fits well in to the deltachat eco system.
The encyption is not the problem, but sending this to everyone in you contact list will be considered spam by the email users and because it contains mostly images/small videos it will waste much data.
So technically its possible, but I don’t think it would be a good idea, because it adds too much complexity.
So its out of scope for delta chat in my opinion.

I think this feature would fit better in opensource social media such as, or


there was the idea to use the “footer” (from settings/my-profile) as sort of a status text (in the sense of the “old” whatsapp-status)

currently, it is only shown in non-deltas, however, we could also show that in the contact’s profile.

updates would be come along with normal messages, so no explicit message is sent out for that.

maybe that would be a beginning, to have at least a thing as a “motto of the day” , some additional hints etc. but, also here, as far as i know, currently, no one is working on that.


I initially thought of this feature as a form of protest. I read on your blog “New Study on Multi-tool and Organizational messenger usage” and thought how interesting a tool similar to WhatsApp status would be to show for all contacts images and videos of protests, other texts calling people to protest and etc. ; but the essence of this feature is actually aimed at social media.

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