Delta chat through tor?

delta chat on phones and pc computers

Can you run delta chat anonymously
through tor?
Thank you.

It depends on whether your email account is anonymous and if you have the knowledge on how to route an applications traffic through tor.
Maybe there are some email providers that offer email on .onion domains.

Delta Chat on mobiles does not support routing through TOR – on Desktop you might be able to configure your networking to use TOR for Delta Chat’s network connections but i don’t have first hand experience about this.

Apart from this there are preliminary communications about porting Lightnion (a research prototype from EPFL in Lausanne) from Javascript to Delta Chat’s Rust core library which would make TOR connectivity would become available on all platforms – even with resilience against global traffic analysis and thus better compared to what TOR provides. That effort needs a champion and is not imminent, though.

email account is anonymous

If you register an email account through tor, I would expect it to be
an anonymous email address.

does not support routing through TOR

Meaning there are no settings in delta chat to set socket ports?

might be able to configure your networking to use TOR for Delta Chat’s network connections

That could be proxychains?

The center of my question is, if delta chat’s data transfers are relayed through
tor, then the delta chat program itself does not display data which
will compromise the anonymity which tor provides?

On a broader level it is about who can benefit from utilizing delta chat? If
delta chat in a few steps would be able to do anonymous encrypted
end 2 end communication, delta chat would get an option for journalists and
What I suggest is not building tor into delta chat. Adding socket proxy
settings to delta chat could be an option. Following instructions people
could then install tor on their computer, admittedly not a simple task
for everyone, and set the tor ports in delta chat’s socket proxy

There is an existing feature request for SOCKS: Socks4/5 and HTTP proxy support