Deltachat crashes after 1.40 update

Hi, deltachat is a center form all my communications: phone numbers, notes, information, notes, messages… I have upgraded via f-droid. The installation kept failing(i assume beacause there was to little free space on the phone. I have Fred up half a gig. installation worked. Now instant crash on every start. Reverting to any older version in f-droid does not help. All messages are gone. I regularlyclean my providers imap server.
how is it possible?why? How to get them back? Anybody an idea? Thanks in advance.
please do not advise to use backupa next time. deltachat cannot backup to sd card. And there is not enough storage to keep this huge file on the same stoeaage device next to deltachat. So backup failed, when i tried to do it regularly

There is another thread about exactly the same problem:

The issue is tracked in the Android repository:

We have already released 1.40.1, but it takes a week or more for F-Droid to build and sign a release, currently 1.40.1 is built but releasing it is stuck on a signing phase for 40+ hours.

Reverting to any older version in f-droid does not help. All messages are gone.

How did you revert to a previous version? As far as I know it is not easily doable without uninstalling the app.

If you have removed the messages from the provider IMAP folder, don’t have a backup of the key and have reinstalled DC from scratch, then as far as I see there is no place where the messages are stored.


If you still have version 1.40.0 installed, do not uninstall it and wait until 1.40.1. Then make a backup by setting up a second device, e.g. your laptop, backup transfer to a second device does not require storing the whole copy on your phone.

Hey! First of al, huge thank you for trying to help. I apprciate it a lot ! I just have realized i did not downgrade deltachat, all downgrades from f-droid fail with “unknown error occured during installation”
so the DC data is hopefully still in place. I have only cleaned the cache
do you think it will help me if i i download and install the .apk straight from site? will it keep thw data? which one apk to install. The .debug or the other?
real deep thanks in advance,

This will not help because these .apk files are signed by Delta Chat developers and F-Droid releases are signed by F-Droid maintainers. It is generally impossible to overwrite one release with another. If you install an .apk from the website you will simply have two copies of Delta Chat installed.

The safest thing to do is to keep 1.40.0 installed and wait until F-Droid release 1.40.1. A release is already built, the only remaining part is for some F-Droid maintainer to bring it to the signing machine and then publish a signed release, unfortunately it takes longer than expected.


Hey thanks again. It makes sense. Will have to live for a week withoit all information. Some is on the imap still. Sounds doable.
A connected questiin. In case you know:

When i statt deltachat i get this screen i have attached.the welcomte to deltachat and the crash/restart prompt over it. Does it mean that f-droid somehow managed to install an older version and all is data is gone or is it usual for the broken 1.40 version to show this? What do you think?

It looks like a broken version 1.40.0 shows the welcome screen and then crashes immediately afterwards. Downgraded version would not crash like this.

Sounds good. Thank you again

Um die emails zurückzubekommen:
Den email-Server-Provider kontaktieren.
Die machen im Allgemeinen tägliche Backups

1.40.1 is now available on F-Droid and some users have already reported that everything works without any data loss after upgrading 1.40.0 to 1.40.1.