Desktop Client: Keyboard shortcut to switch contacts

I remember this very well from the Wire and Telegram desktop clients, it makes chatting much more convenient and faster.

Expected behavior

If you press alt+arrow down/up, you move between different chats on the left.

alt is in some systems a shortcut to open the window menu; maybe this needs to be overridden or so.

Actual behavior

Nothing happens.


Oh, a second idea which is closely tied to this - a shortcut to search for a contact. in Wire this is ctrl+n, in rocketchat or mattermost it’s ctrl+k I think.

(ctrl+k is more widely used, I’d opt for that for intuitivity reasons.)

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The shortcuts are great, I’ve always preferred applications that support shortcuts, Sometimes it is faster and more comfortable to work only by keyboard, they simplify life.
It would be good for Delta to develop with this in mind.


It was merged into master and will be in the next Desktop release :3 thanks a lot @Jikstra !

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