Desktop Distribution Ideas

There are some ideas/wishes for other distribution methods/packages for deltachat desktop.
Here is a poll that lists some of the “possible” targets, you can vote bellow so we can get an idea what we as a community are interested in. No guarantees that it will happen though.
Also if you have other ideas please post them bellow, together with a reason why and how many new people could get access to it that way.

  • Linux - Snap
  • Linux - custom PPA for .deb
  • Linux - RPM
  • Linux - ARM64 Flatpak
  • Windows Real Portable version (
  • Windows Chocolatey
  • Windows WinGet (Windows Package Manager)

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32bit options:

  • Windows 32bit (installer + maybe portable)
  • Linux 32bit appimage
  • Linux 32bit .deb

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You forgot an i686 option. See IA-32 (x86_32) bit build.