Draft for german wikipedia article


I have just started a draft for a german Wikipedia article
I plane to offer this offical to Wikipedia after release 1.0 in google play store and after 1000 downloads.

Wikipedia has rigur rules.
So we need to show the relevance of the article.

If you like you can help me to refine and correct (especially technical things).

And I also need help with the logo:

Please take a look to my draft:


Hallo webratte,

what is the official (registered) name of Delta Chat? On F-Droid it’s called “Delta Chat” but there are also other combinations like “DeltaChat” (your article) or “Delta.Chat” around and Wikipedia article should show the official one.

(hopefully the article won’t become a victim of Wikipedia’s “relevance dictatorship” upon release, especially the German branch seems to be very fast with deletion requests).


Hi @Sven
Thank you for your reply.
As I said before. This is a rough draft. There are much more things to refine before I will it offer to Wikipedia.

The GB reviewers are more rigur then the german.
I have already published a article for a open source messenger.
The german version is online for a longer time.
The english version was rejected.

It would be great if we could add some articles in magazines about Delta Chat.

And about the name. Feel free to change it. And also add informations if you think it is missing.
But be sure to stay neutral (no comercials).


deltachat/interface#16 for a discussion about the naming


In Goggle play store it’s called “Delta Chat”
So it would be logical if you call it everywhere as in this official way.


Yes, in F-Droid too… but the desktop version e.g. is called DeltaChat (without space)
I would vote for everywhere the same spelling too, but there are different opinions about that :slight_smile:


For unique “branding” I would vote for
Delta Chat (capital letters, space in between)


@ webratte
1° Basically a good idea.
2° proposal:
you wrote: “…herkömmlichen E-Mail-Client kompatibel. …”
change: --> link the expression “E-mail-Client” as well, as you did with IMAP, SMTP…
why: better to see coloured text as it is one of the major items - the link to the classical email.


thank you for your feedback.

That’s a good idea.
I will add this soon.