Encrypted attachments in regular email

Hi. I have Delta chat set up on a few different devices with the same email account (but not connected).
I have it set to check all mail, not just chats and use it for regular email. I have prefer end to end encryption off on each device.
Every time I use it I get an encrypted attachment in my regular email.
Anyone else get that? Any idea why? It didn’t use to happen.

Which version of Delta Chat do you use on each device?

What do you mean by “every time I use it” - every time you send a message or just every time you open the application?

Which mail has an encrypted attachment? The mail that you send out?

Could be a synchronization message for settings, but it should not be sent every time you open the app.

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MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1 DeltaChat version 1.44 1 (got: v1.33.0-669-gc878fc787)

iOS 17.4.1 DeltaChat Version 1.44.1

Trying to isolate when it happens, appears to be when selecting “Block” or “Accept” from a new contact, causes an encrypted message to appear in regular email client.

I’ve tried both with “add as a second device” set up and without.

That’s a synchronisation message for multi device usage then (to sync your contact request accept or block action).

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