Failed to add my iphone as second device

I was not able to setup my iphone with Delta chat app as second device

After scanning the QR code on my laptop and confirming to add I got the following error message

get backup Failed: Failed to establish connection to peer

Hello :wave:,
are both devices on the same WLAN?


Yes both are in room using the same wifi

I guess there can be rare cases where same-wifi connections don’t work because of the way the WiFi is configured.

You might try opening a Wifi hotspot from your iphone and let your laptop connect to it, and then do the add-second-device workflow.

If this also fails then exporting a file from Desktop and importing in iOS is the last option. See here for some more details: Import backup to iOS

So if you restore from a backup file on a second device this does exactly the same thing as the “add second device” method, only with a different workflow?

yes, they both replicate an account (iirc, even share quite some code paths)