Feature proposal: App. always running in background and monitor e-mail all the time

Expected behavior

Keep the app. (Android) running in background and monitor incoming “chat” e-mails.

Something like “FairEmail (Android App.)” where it’s always connected on my IMAP server port for new incoming e-mails when i use the “Always” SYNC option.

Actual behavior

If the app. (Android) is closed, the “chat” e-mail is showing up as a “normal” incoming e-mail.

Then, if i open DeltaChat when the “chat” e-mail is in the inbox, i can see the new entry in the conversation and the “chat” e-mail et moved to the DeltaChat folder.

It’s just to make sure that the user dosen’t miss any new chat notification on their phones.

Quick note

Thanks for your app. it’s awesome, i just discovered it yesterday from a Reddit user, keep the good work :slight_smile:

It keeps the connection up as long as you and your operating system allow it,
try to disable “Battery optimization” for Delta.Chat in your android settings.
Also see: https://delta.chat/en/help#if-delta-chat-uses-e-mail-is-it-really-an-instant-messenger

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The app. is already “not optimized”. The example of “FairEmail” is because this app is doing pretty much what im looking for in DeltaChat, by live monitoring new e-mails and keeping a notification in the top bar.

Yeah. I want the exact opposite in order to be able to read my mails at all. See: DC flagged as suspicious and banned from IMAP

Feeling sorry for the devs here. But really, the solution is just to give more control in the settings.

apps like Conversations, have a setting to enable a permanent notification