DC flagged as suspicious and banned from IMAP

Delta Chat version


Expected behavior

For IMAP, therefore Delta Chat, to work.

Actual behavior

Regularly (5 times now and counting) my GMX account is forcing me to reset my password due to “suspicious activity”. Delta Chat is certainly the culprit since it was the only way I was accessing the account, Looking at the logs it even makes sense, since DC seems to be absolutely hammering the server, checking folders and rechecking folders every single minute much of the time. No obvious error messages until the inevitable authentication error when GMX locks it out.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Open account at GMX
  2. Try to use Delta Chat without losing sanity

Proposed solution

Allow polling frequency to be adjusted.

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oh wow.


I can give you a riseup.net invite code as a workaround for now…

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Thanks. But I need it to work with my existing address. Almost none of my contacts use Delta Chat (yet!).

Unfortunately nobody else seems to be having this problem with GMX, which is a big provider. Pretty sure a setting to reduce polling frequency, like most IMAP clients have, would fix it. But the developers appear overworked already. :frowning:

@Frettvin Just an idea, have you disabled the operating system’s “battery optimizations” (app interruptions) for deltachat?

It’s unfortunate, the devs seem to always be kept busy with some next half thing, rather than really finishing (solving) one thing after the other for good. Especially the basics.

Thanks @testbird for this. I have now disabled the Battery Optimization as suggested. The similar-sounding App Power Monitor was already disabled for DC with Android claiming that “this app will be able to use as much power as it wants”. Confusing.

Not locked out yet, but probably only a matter of time. The DC log still shows it is talking to the server more or less constantly even with screen off. How can this be right?

I don’t think the problem is solved right. I just thought that the difference could be in the watch threads getting frequently interrupted and re-established vs. the watch threads “just” creating an unnecessary amount of keep-alive activity.

There are certainly conclusions to draw from user experience like you posted here, and I filed there, and then fixes to implement by any interested developer.

Yet another new option?! Intentionally adding confusion instead of congurency seems to be a “mold” scheme to deteriorate things.

Looking closer, I see a lot of this pattern:

15:01:00 Could not connect to IMAP-server imap.gmx.com:993 using SSL (Error #6)
15:01:00 IMAP disconnected
15:02:00 Could not connect to IMAP-server imap.gmx.com:993 using SSL (Error #6)
15:02:00 IMAP disconnected

Helpful? I see other people have got this error too, for example https://support.delta.chat/t/provider-overview/56/17. But unsure what to make of that.

it may help to go to advanced settings and disabling the “watch sent folder” and “watch DeltaChat folder” settings (if you don’t use that account with several delta chat clients, ex. multi-devices)

Yep thanks. Watch Delta Chat folder was disabled long ago, and Watch sent since the last lockout. Fingers crossed then, but not optimistic.

The account is accessed literally with Delta Chat alone: no other IMAP clients, and not even the web except for the dreaded password changes. Which in theory should make error resolution easy. And GMX is big, German and supposedly privacy-conscious, the kind of provider that you might expect Delta Chat users to be on. But nobody else seems to have a problem.

Something really not right here. :frowning:

BTW: When I do get messages, it is usually many hours after they were sent. Probably related. I would post log excerpts except the log is absolutely gigantic, often hundreds of lines per minute. Would need to know what to post.

Can you try getting this issue with a new account and giving this test account to the developers?

In German:
Koentest du versuchen das Problem mit einem neuen GMX account nachzustellen und diesen test account dann den Entwicklern dann geben?

They should have plenty of practice doing that themselves. If not we can probably assume that they do not think it is important and won’t be fixing it anyway.

They should have plenty of practice doing that themselves

sure, however, it’s also about time. and figuring things out to get an issue reproducible with a concrete provider can cost lots of time. and there are tons of different providers with different issues out there.

so, getting as many information, hints, test accounts etc. is really helpful.

Yeah okay, I get that. But this is not a classic reproducible bug, it is happening intermittently, at the whim of the provider. The logical first step is surely just to look at the logs for clues as to what might be provoking it.

And as I have already mentioned, there is a gigantic clue in the logs: Delta Chat is pestering the server more or less constantly while (unlike other clients which I have used without issue for years) offering no setting to reduce polling frequency.

I am guessing that this is something to do with trying unsuccessfully to guarantee push delivery, using the IMAP IDLE state. There are reliable error messages (see above). But so far nobody has offered advice on what they mean or what else to look for.

No more lockouts since I disabled “Watch sent folder” as you suggested. This is probably not the definitive solution, since the logs still show way too much activity for comfort and also tons of this mysterious “Error #6” that nobody here has explained.

But I will close this issue for now.

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great, also disable “watch DeltaChat folder” to get less traffic and maybe even save more battery, if you are using only one device for that email account, you don’t need to watch that folder, only need the “watch inbox” option,
about th error #6 I hate that errors with just a number without error message, someone told me the meaning of that error #6 but I don’t remember, sorry

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We should have a section on the FAQ that explains all error codes.

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So I look at the header, left, right, click on the home logo, look top left right bottom, skim-read the pinned Welcome topic etc. No mention of “FAQ” anywhere, So I manually remove “support” from the URL to get back to the DC home coz that seems the only way, click “FAQ”, ctrl-F “error”. Nothing.

Sorry to be irritable, but things could be improved here. I agree that a wiki or FAQ should be first port of call when troubleshooting, not a forum. But I had looked before and now I look again and I still can’t find any such thing.

https://delta.chat/en/help but I 100% agree on that we need something better and more user friendly.
Ah also I meant it in a way like we should add it. Sorry if I was misleading.

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