Feature request: import old messages (assuming you have the keys)

It would be great to have old messages (i.e., from before starting to use an application) available in delta chat, assuming the application is configured with the same pgp key.

Use case: I just migrated from the apk version of delta chat to the fdroid version, and I’m unable to do a backup with the apk version. I manually configured the fdroid version with the same pgp key, so now I’m receiving messages in both applications. I would like to get rid of the apk version, but it is the only one that shows the old messages. As they are available in the DeltaChat mail folder, it should be possible to fetch them to populate the new application.

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hello @brab, why are you unable to do a backup??? you just have to go to setttings, in "chats and media"at the bottom there are a backup option, that export your chats and configuration to a file .bak in your Download folder, then you import that backup in a “fresh” install of your Delta Chat from fdroid, this also helps to migrate your delta chat to other phone or to a PC, it is really useful.

[EDIT: ok, I read in another post that you have issues to create the backup, :frowning: ]


regardless of the backup function… this would be nice to have. I noticed that People who are in DC Chats via Email first, expect to see these chats as soon as they install the App on the Phone or Desktop. I had a “bug” report because the person thought the app was broken for not showing chats immediately

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the issue is that that are emails, not chats, Delta Chat by default don’t even show normal emails, that person may have been confused, but more confusing is IMHO that the app starts loading tons of old emails, anyway an advanced option for corner cases may be useful, mainly for loading emails in the INBOX/DeltaChat folder or chat emails, no for classic email

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yes, just search and load old DC chats in, not normal mails. (all mails with dc header)

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I think this would be very good, @adbenitez you don’t have to load them all just some (25), put an option to load more message at the end of the chat list