FRs Working With DC

  1. MESSAGE-DRAFTs: nice if I could write and store messages as drafts and are editable(!) as long it is stored as draft(a new sent-as-draft-button needed). If sent then it becomes the latest message in the history.
    [ok, maybe “Saved messages” is also the purpose for this though less convenient]

  2. KEY-HAS-CHANGED-ALERT: a MUST-HAVE-Security-Feature
    an alert(red message) if any key has changed in a 1:1 chat, so I know I have to check keys again. (And maybe also in a verified group to have notice about the fact that there is an unsupported member from that point on.)
    [ok, I have not tried if something like that happens already, but if not than this is more than necessary to come]

  3. MESSAGE-SELECTIONS: nice if I could select multiple messages (like files in a file-explorer) and then delete this messages at once.

  4. IMAGE-ROTATION: needed is a possibility to rotate an image
    [for some reasons some images are not shown in the orientation I have expected]

Not a reply but a supplement as edit is no longer allowed though no reply since creation

  1. SPELL-Checker would be nice (alone but also escpecially in conjunction with DRAFTS)

    Inspecting the sqlite database store: login password is stored decrypted
    [this is true probably also for my private key?!]

    [If anyone wants to know and comment maybe or take action against (e.g. location):
    the messages are stored decrypted in that database too. Database is freely accessible.]

  3. Only a thought:
    After creating a new key with a new install.
    Maybe an ARCHIVE-VIEWER for my older messages.
    [I could not read anything about the handling with older keys if time passes and do change my keys (for security reason) from time to time]

Not a reply but again a supplement as edit is no longer allowed though no reply since creation

  1. REPLY-TO-MESSAGE option would be nice (and more convenient than copy/paste)
    similiar to “Forward message” but editable
    (and marked with original date and time and with the cutted original message cited)

this is possible in recent version of delta chat, ex. in android you can swipe to reply like in WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

forgot to write: used/using Desktop/Portable Version 1.13.1. Windows 10.

desktop version 1.14.1 is out there you have also quotes/reply to message.


We already have one draft per chat (when you type message, but don’t send it), do you mean to store them also on IMAP and sync them to your other devices?


We have the setup changed" system messages that appear in this case. Yes they are not red but as long as we don’t have protected chats yet, a chat can fall back to be unencrypted anyway.
We are replacing verified groups with protected chats soon, which will allow you to protect any chat (even direct messages), for more info on that see the pr on github and ask @r10s.

  1. MESSAGE-SELECTIONS in desktop

This is planned, but we first need to change the chat-list so you can jump to messages (used in search and quotes).


Were? when sending?

  1. SPELL-Checker

I agree that would be nice to have.


the user is responsible for keeping their system/user-folder safe… though there are plans on encrypting the database and have the option to password protect them.
Local encryption
(It makes sense to search the forum for existing proposals)

Only a thought: - import old keys to view old messages

useful indeed. might come with an key-rotation-feature.

Again: using feature proposals one for each feature and looking before if it already exists makes the feature proposals more fun to read and the conversation bellow them clearer.


Ok, should be sufficient. Though the sync ideas isnt bad mabye.
I originally meant to have it as draft in my message list, so I could do more than one draft per chat (and have a better view on this).


Sounds ok. Maybe write what has changed and give instructions in that message like e.g. “Please consider to verify your keys again with your chat partner”. To color it special should not a big thing - especially cause(!) of the fall-back, so one never misses to check encryption again.
I even think it would be good to have a new tab for that like the Images, Video, Audio, Documents tabs.

I will keep track on this.

  1. MESSAGE-SELECTIONS in desktop

Sounds good. I can wait for it.


At least in the image viewer window should be enough.

  1. SPELL-Checker

Yes. I miss it each message.


Yes. But think about non-technial users. They simply dont care about it.
So I would say the responsibility is on the software-side not on the user-side.

  1. Only a thought:

Sounds good. I can wait for it (and use a second installation for this now).


Could be. But collecting and writing down does it for me (and especially tracking down).
I could see then on views and replies what is of interest.
If the crowd has interest in a special point I could imagine to write an extra post.
But that is not the case so far.
[There were not any remarkable countable replies like e.g. thumbs up for #1]


About the new tab idea, that information could fit nicely with the other audit log messages, I made a feature proposal about this a while back, I didn’t thought about the key messages yet, but I believe that would be the place to add it. Show audit log of Group

    At least in the image viewer window should be enough.

You mean rotating received images? permanently or only for the session? Does this problem also occur on android and/or iOS? How are the images rotated if you open them in firefox or chrome[ium]?

That’s a strategy. I mentioned it so often because its better when you want to develop a feature to have its points/discussions regarding it in one place. :smile:

    I have given a like to this linked post
    Yes, at least at this point: in the image viewer for received images. Session is ok (for me).

To your question:
[The images are upright/upended (more height than width)]
DC Desktop: they are shown with 90 degree rotated to the left
DC Android: the images are shown correct
Firefox and Chrome Derivate: it opens correctly when drag&drop these images into the browser.