Getting encrypted messages when no access to old device for new possible?

Good Delta-team,

given old device would be no more accessable, say broken or lost, can former received messages nevertheless be encrypted?

What would be the save way, if not, aside of avoiding more strictly such encryption automatics?

No messages can only be decrypted with the private key they were encrypted for. Otherwise the encryption would be useless.

Sure one could try to crack the encryption, but it would take a very long time and many resources.

I don’t quite understand what you mean, please elaborate.

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The best solution is to have multiple devices that work as a backup of each other, say a laptop and a mobile tablet. If one of the devices is lost or broken, it is likely that the other device is still accessible.

If you only have a single device, taking backups to some online file storage could be a solution, but you must trust this file storage as anyone who has access to your backup has an access to all your messages and to your encryption key. There is no support for backup encryption in Delta Chat: Local encryption

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Appreciation for info, good master Link2xt. So best avoid crypting if not on the run.

Appreciation for effort, good master Simon.

Hi, but as long as you have an exported copy of your keys (or an account backup?) you can afterwards import them from another device/installation and download and decrypt the messages (provided that they still are on your server). Is this correct?

Hi, what about simply not deleting messages in the mail-server and having an exported copy of your account or keys (not sure which would be) so if you loose/broke your device but have archived that copy you can install DC in other device, import keys/account and re-download all your messages? Is this correct/feasible?
In this scenario, the backup would be simply the mail-server archive, wouldn’t be?

Thanks a lot in advance!