Group description

Expected behavior

When creating a group or in the overview, one can add a description of the group.

Actual behavior

There are no group descriptions.


A description could be useful to explain the purpose of a group or certain rules.


Would be most useful for mailinglists.
Though I wonder if this use case could also be reached by implementing pinned messages.

That would also be a possibility. Unfortunately, this would require more screen space.
I think pinned messages should only be visible locally. It would bother me if others could pin messages on my device. But if one really want that, one could do it more discreetly using the Webxdc app Corkboard. In this context, quick access to Webxdc apps would make sense.

Telegram has pinned messages for all people in groups, discord has this too, It’s useful to say these messages are important and you could also have auto forwarding when adding people to the user.

That’s right. But I think the group description should contain general information about the group.
Pinning makes more sense for messages that become particularly important during the chat.

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