Quick access to private apps

Expected behavior

You can select a private app for quick access.
In DC-Desktop, this app is pinned to the chat bar.
In the mobile versions of DC you can access this app by swiping left in the chat view.

Actual behavior

There is no quick access to private apps.


It would be convenient and time-saving if you could quickly launch frequently used apps this way.

Example Images

Private app pinned at the chat bar in DC-Desktop:


Yup, sth. lik this is on the “virtual roadmap” for the next year or so!


Check out how Apple do it with their iMessage apps:

(from Use iMessage apps on your iPhone and iPad - Apple Support)

@WofWca interesting, it seems that even stickers packs are apps themselves? that could be an approach to easily add/manage sticker packs, we have strict app size limits currently tho (but that could change once we have de-duplication of blobs)

note, that there are some ways to quick access apps meanwhile:

  • on Android and iOS, you can add apps to the home screen for quick access - they behave similar to “normal” apps by then

  • moreover, all systems meanwhile have an “App” tab in the chat profiles - and android / ios also globally. in the “App” taps, the most recent apps are shown atop that makes quick access also simpler

just saying :slight_smile: of course, things can and probably will be improved further :slight_smile: