Group recipients all in To:

Not sure where to ask this question so I hope this area is okay. Is there a technical reason why all the group recipients are in the To: field and not in the CC: field, or even BCC: ?

Whom would good Mark, addressing in a group, put under To, under CC and whom would he hide from it? Maybe that is useful for clearing doubts.

@markc sure it is okay to ask here :slight_smile:

  • Bcc: does not work as recipient would not be aware of the group members and cannot answer in the group (there is the idea of broadcast groups, where exactly that is wanted, but this is a different thing)

  • for Cc: - as @SamanaJohann pointed out - whom to add to Cc: and whom to add to To:? technically, there is no big difference, so it make sense to put all to the same field - and as an empty To: is weird, all just go to To:

There might be just one advantage, but my person not much informed: Large “to” groups, sending, might faster be grouped as spam by certain provider, (or)?

I only just started using the desktop client a few hours ago and when I checked a message in my normal Thunderbird mail client I was surprised to see 1/2 dozen test users, in my first test group, all in the To field. From a normal mail clients POV it looks ugly and I’m concerned when a group list gets to many dozens of users if there may be some kind of negative impact and whether it’ll trip some spam filters. I managed a few postfix mail servers so I’ll be interested to track these messages through the mailq and examine the headers more closely.