🧪 Help testing the upcoming 1.25.X release

It’s finally time again for a new Desktop Release, help us find the most annoying bugs so we can make sure that this update is ready to be released on the website and in the stores. :wink:

Release Highlights

:movie_camera: We added previous/next buttons in the full-screen gallery view
:bell: The tray icon visualizes if there are new messages through a blue dot
:computer_mouse: E-mail addresses, hashtags, bot commands and more in messages are now clickable
:busts_in_silhouette: Improved look&feel for adding new group members and accessing contact profiles in group dialog
:x: You can now withdraw your group QR codes. Simply scan it and withdraw them. Scan it again to revive.

What to test

  • qr scanning (group join)
  • tray icon on new messages (only Linux and windows users)
  • updating unread counts on account screen
  • adding and removing members to group
  • scrolling in message list

click here for full change log

Where to report Bugs?

You can find already known bugs on: Issues · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub

Please report the found bugs either here in this forum topic or even better as issue on GitHub: Issues · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub


1.25.0: BROKEN, see explaination
1.25.1 - Index of /desktop/v1.25.1/
1.25.2 - Index of /desktop/v1.25.2/


Isn’t it coming soon? :man_teacher:t2: :wink:
Btw, I’m still waiting for an F-Droid update. It’s taking longer than usual😟


sorry for my typo xD

Anyway the new desktop release is now ready for testing, I updated the opening post. Happy testing everyone! :partying_face: :woman_scientist: :man_scientist:

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Version: 1.25.0 Portable
As shown in the figure, it cannot be used after startup.
It was tested and found in x64 Windows 7 and x64 Windows 10 (Enterprise LTSC 2021, 21H2, 10.0.19044.x).

Can we zoom pictures in Delta Chat Desktop yet?

same problem with setup 1.25.0

Version 1.25.0.AppImage
It does not work

I caused that blank screen mistake and have fixed it in v1.25.1.

Sorry my mistake, while moving to the new rust based message parser I needed to change the build script to run esbuild via it’s javascript api, instead of running it as it’s own process, while doing that I forgot to escape the value for process.env.NODE_ENV, so it was taking it as variable name and couldn’t find the variable production, because we never defined such a variable.

diff --git a/bin/build-frontend-ts.mjs b/bin/build-frontend-ts.mjs
index a4cfa6b8..ec7b0693 100755
--- a/bin/build-frontend-ts.mjs
+++ b/bin/build-frontend-ts.mjs
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ async function bundle(production, minify = false) {
     sourcemap: true,
     outfile: 'html-dist/bundle.js',
     define: {
-      'process.env.NODE_ENV': production ? 'production' : 'development',
+      'process.env.NODE_ENV': production ? '"production"' : '"development"',
     plugins: [wasmPlugin],

So yes this was just one line that made the builds for 1.25.0 unusable.
We unfortunately didn’t test the final build ourselves this time, normally we test the builds before asking you to test them. I apologize sincerely for this inconvenience.

New Fixed Download

1.25.1 - Index of /desktop/v1.25.1/

Not yet, it is an issue on github Zoming into an image in FullscrenMediaView · Issue #2308 · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub though.
But we finally added navigation between pictures to the gallery/fullscreenMediaView.

Don’t worry we are here for this.
Tomorrow I’ll try 25.1

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-on Linux Mint
everything was working fine :slight_smile:
I checked the new previous/next buttons, tray Icon blue dot, clickable hashtags and some other stuff
thank you for the hard work

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DeltaChat-1.25.1.AppImage on Xubuntu works without problems.

A question: is it possible to search a message and get it in the chat?
When I search a key word I find the wanted message but I see its details, not the message itself in the chat, than I can’t answer or forward it.

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Not yet, the refactoring of the message-list is taking more effort than we anticipated. We know that problem and we are working on it, but all the previous attempts to implement jump to message, ended up being buggy and not good enough to release.


We made a new version 1.25.2, this version will be released as 1.26.0 as long as we don’t find any blockers (severe bugs) in the next few days.


  • PageUp and PageDown keys can now be used to scroll in the MessageList
  • Keeping Alt + ArrowUp/ArrowDown pressed now keeps selecting the next chat until the key is released
  • Download on Demand, specify how large a message can be until it’s not automatically downloaded anymore. (In case it’s not downloaded you need to click on it to manually download it, useful on paid wifi or a metered internet connection in general.)
  • upgrading deltachat core to 1.70

Download: Index of /desktop/v1.25.2/

Send POI does not work in maps. No reaction when Send button is pressed.

In Android it can be send but the attached file “message.kml” which includes the coordinates cannot be read (or even seen) in DeltaChat (Android or Desktop).

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@dev24126 I can reproduce the sending of POI’s is not working, but I can see the POI’s I send.

But I cannot reproduce the second bug (no being the POIs I receive or send)

Thanks Simon vor checking this. I can also see the the POIs send to Desktop DeltaChat map. What I mean is that the coordinates cannot be seen in the message. Would be helpful, too. Maybe to show them in the chat itself or when you click to the received POI. This was also not possible in the past version.

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That could be useful indeed, maybe as a context menu entry (copy coordinates)?
anyways lets rather discuss such feature proposals in own topic so they don’t get lost in #features

DeltaChat notifiations in Windows notification list:

I see (not only in this release but also in previous ones) for the same chat several notifications, not only one. Could the reason be that I deleted several chat messages after the one with the several notifications?

There are still some issues with notifications, but we won’t work on them for this release.

I don’t think so. normally opening a chat should dismiss/close all notifications for that chat, but there are cases where it doesn’t work, for example when they notifications are from a previous session and DC was restarted in between - also there was a bug in this area we fixed for this release: “selecting chat now closes all notifications about it again” (entry in changelog)