🧪 Help to test upcoming 1.21.x release

It’s finally time again for a new Desktop Release, help us find the most annoying bugs, so we can make sure that this update is ready to be released on the website and in the stores. :wink:

This release features a new core-based account manager, a view with connectivity details, some code cleanup & refactoring and the new awaited contact request experience (contact requests are now normal chat that can be either blocked or accepted).


  • :wave: Chat Requests now pop up as single chats and can be inspected in detail before accepting or blocking
  • :file_cabinet: You’ll also find your old requests in the Archive
  • :postbox::postbox::postbox: Multi-account improved: Switching accounts is now faster and less often blocked by lengthy updates
  • :thinking: Know what’s going on: Info about Connection problems can be found in the settings
  • :clipboard: Copy-Paste Images into chat

click here for full change log

What to test?

We changed many things under the hood so test everything with a special focus on:

  • Account management

    • login
    • login with wrong credentials — is the error displayed correctly?
    • backup import / export
    • create account from burner qr code
    • multi account usage
  • Usage

    • Contact requests
    • paste in image from clipboard into composer/message-input
    • Go online/offline and see if the connectivity toast appears
    • open settings and change settings (settings that affect the core), are they set and displayed correctly?
    • look if timestamps still auto update (after each minute)
    • encryption info (right click on chat in chat view)
    • edit group (adding, removing, searching contacts)
    • search for chats, contacts and messages
    • chat list
  • Interface

    • we have a new theme that mimics rocket chat - can we ship it or does it need more work? whats your opinion? also there is a dedicated issue on GitHub for it so report new issues that you find on it there: rocket chat theme issues · Issue #2338 · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub we disabled it because its not ready
    • system theme light/dark mode is respected by DC (if theme is set to automatic)
    • switch languages (UI should be updated)
  • Linux

    • does it work better on wayland?

Where to report Bugs?

You can find already known bugs on: Issues · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub

Please report the found bugs either here in this forum topic or even better as issue on GitHub: Issues · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub


WARNING: This version uses a new directory structure for accounts. If you want to revert to an older version after an update, you have to do this via an export/import

1.21.0: Index of /desktop/v1.21.0/
1.21.1: Index of /desktop/v1.21.1/

Thanks for testing :slight_smile:

  1. I tested the “copy and paste image to chat” function of this version (Version 1.21.0 (git: v1.20.3-145-g4fbc9c5a)) on Windows, and it is still not perfect. It has been discussed on GitHub.
    "Paste image from clipboard" - Compatibility · Issue #2323 · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub
  2. The account cannot be deleted in the account list. After deleting it, restart it and the deleted account is back.
  3. Under certain settings, the message sent to the other party is “read by myself”, this issue affects all versions I have tested (1.21.0 for Windows, 1.22.1 for Android). It has been discussed on GitHub.
    Ignore MDNs sent to self due to bug fixed in #2603 · Issue #2634 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub
    Developer response: This problem can be solved by updating the Delta Chat on all devices in hand to the latest official version.

There is no portable release for test?

One thing currently from 1.20.3 Desktop Portable:
Very large text messages (with links) (30k/500lines or more)

[…] is shown but no “Show full message”

So the result is currently: a cutted message

Nice would be:
somewhere at the zero-layer as on/off switch:

The setting "copy to itself ":
switching between draw and sync, e.g. new icon at the right upper corner to switch it

An “auto wrap” mode
reading larger text messages with original indentation, e.g. an icon/menu inside large view/display to switch it

A “read” mode (also on mobiles)
reading directly in large view/display mode, e.g. icon inside bubble itself at the bottom to open this mode

there is, the .exe without “Setup” in the name: https://download.delta.chat/desktop/v1.21.0/DeltaChat%201.21.0.exe

Ok. Thanks.
Saw in root-folder “desktop” a exe named portable and looked for a later one which I didn’t found.
But could now see portables in the preview folder. Didn’t see it before?!

On which OS is this the case, works on linux and mac for me, maybe its windows only?

Windows 7.

thank you for the hard work
I realized that this problem is solved:

it was so annoying!

new test version with the following changes is availible for testing:


  • add switch to toggle simultaneous account syncing off
  • Implement settings for socks5 proxy


  • hide unfinished themes with the prefix dev_ from the theme selection, unless --devmode is active.
  • hide rocket theme


  • fix flashing up account list on startup
  • fix update/load core translation strings
  • fix yggmail emailaddress text overflow in qrcode dialog & settings


Index of /desktop/v1.21.1/

Problems which are not addressed in this release:

Windows account cannot be deleted

The account cannot be deleted in the account list. After deleting it, restart it and the deleted account is back.

Reason: did not investigate yet.
Update: can reproduce it on windows 10
Update 2: fixed in fix windows account removal bug by Simon-Laux · Pull Request #2373 · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub

MDN bug

Under certain settings, the message sent to the other party is “read by myself”

Reason: we need the new unreleased core 61 for this.

Thanks for testing, we’ll release 1.22 now.

I was able to fix the account removal problem on windows but unfortunately the MDN bug won’t be fixed in this release because it needs the new core 61, which also introduces big features
like downloading big messages later on demand which are awesome, but are also not testet enough to make it into this release. It will come in the next test version that will get announced on the forum as soon as its ready for testing.

Changelog of 1.22


  • Windows installer: don’t allow user to choose the instalation path. (because user could install to data path and loose data on uninstalation, see #2356)


  • fix unreadable POI message in map in dark themes
  • fix map crash on maps in DM chats
  • fix account removal on windows



Appstores will follow soon.

more about the release progress: [Progress] Release 1.22.1 · Issue #2376 · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub