Help to use delta chat to avoid censure (Iran), advices appreciated ;)

I thanks to Delta chat and its community. I am a french user and a beginner…
I was looking for some tool to be able to exchange with my iranian wife and avoid the actual censorship, related to the bad actual events…
I want to know what would be the best mails provider to suscribe in this plan ?
I have some gmail account but, despite following the instructions, it doesn’t work to connect myself to delta chat with this account.
And my wife doesn’t success to open her gmail mail from Iran…
So I was looking for tips and advices, opinions about which mail account to choose and use to avoid the censorship, create it easyly etc…
A deep and big thank to all of you for your returns,
edit I precise I am using my pc and my wife a cell phone iphone…If necessary for your answers

Hello :wave:,
recently there was a request about DeltaChat and the situation in Iran.
Maybe this thread here can help you:

DC basically works with any provider that uses IMAP.
With Gmail it is necessary to activate two-factor authentication and then create an app password.
This password must then be entered in DC.
Unfortunately, the normal password does not work.

Here is a list of providers that have been tested with DC:

Some of the information in the list is no longer up-to-date:

Blog post about the list:

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