How to Change the Avatar and Name in Simplebot?

Continuing the discussion from Setting up the parameters of the Simplebot:

Can someone instruct me how to change the Avatar and Name of my Simplebot instance? I see that it can be done, but I’m not sure how to actually do it.

hi @axe, use simplebot --help to see all the available options, there you will find that you can use:

simplebot set_name "My Funny Bot"

and to set avatar:

simplebot set_avatar ~/images/funny-bot.jpg

to set the bot signature/status/bio:

simplebot set_status "hi, I am a bot, send me /help for more info"

to change arbitrary low-level delta chat settings:

simplebot set_config delete_server_after 1

(the above command sets the messages auto-deletion from server/INBOX to “immediately”, use simplebot set_config without any parameter to see all available DC-core settings to tweak but use with care)

NOTE: we have a “bot developers” anonymous super group where people ask stuff about bots, since I am most of the time in Delta Chat and not much in any other site on internet, I recommend you to join there as well, check Contribute - Delta Chat there you can find the super-groups-bot address and instructions on how to get the list of super groups and channels

Yup. I’m a member there … asking questions there too. lol. Thanks for the help on the avatar and name.