How to initiate a chat from normal email client

When I want to send a chat message eg from an internet cafe, to a person or group with deltachat, what is necessary to write that the message is shown in deltachat. (just write Chat: in the subject line is not enough)

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you should reply to a previous message sent from Delta Chat users of the group or private chat

So i have no chance to start a chat. I only can reply?

you can, but that depend on the preference of your peer, if he/she has email interactions to chat only he/she will not see classic emails in Delta Chat

Unfortunately, currently, there is still no way to start a chat if using a classic email client, yet.
So deltachat users can not be reached by known contacts (those, one has exchanged emails with before).

The only workaround currently, is for the deltachat user to manually check for your message in the email inbox (not nemed well as “Contact Requests” in the menu).

The following is a suggestion that amoung other nice things, should also allow receiving certain email messages in a chat:

if they have email interactions set to chats only they still will not see the classic emails here, also a much more simple workaround will be Make Contact Requests more visible - #23 by Massick :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your answer.
Is that intended for planning. is not a ko criterion, but it helps in “persuading” other people :slight_smile:

If you receive a lot of emails, without some “classic email listening” rules the always increasing and long number of the “more visible emails” icon won’t be of much help. And it still requires manual checking.

Both, the icon and the filter rules are needed.

With the two simple “classic email listening” filter rules in place, however, the counter can serve you as an overview about your email inbox, while short start-chat email messages can reach you right away, without you having to check.

well, I think anyway we need to check, if you start receiving a massive number of emails, you will run out of storage anyway, I think it is important to be aware of this, and in the normal situation when you are not under a spam attack :wink: it is useful to know, what you propose may be helpful for short messages, but what about legitimate contact requests that are long?

well sorry don’t reply that, I am getting offtopic, reply can go in Classic email listening: identifying "start-chat" messages from classic email clients (max. length + newlines) I guess

How? It isn’t possible to start a chat, there is only a slight chance that the other may check for and see your email and then reply to the email.

That’s a problem actually. Because one can not simply know or say, that reaching a deltachat user is possible with a good enough probability, if deltachat’s default does not allows to receive chats from classic email clients, and requires a manual configuration, plus manual email checking from the user.

Listening for short “start-chat” emails from nobody, known contacts (default), or everybody (as configured), would solve this nicely out-of-the-box.

@adbenitez I added above, I think we need both. Replying in other thread.

been compatible with classic MUA is a good point of Delta Chat, I am wondering if been incompatible by default isn’t the best default :dizzy_face:

Please elaborate what you mean, if anything.

I am talking about that it may be better to have Emails interactions to All by default, since the common scenario right now is 1 user install Delta Chat, and all his/her friends use classic MUA

Nice that we agree that email interaction in both ways by default is better.

Do you really mean listening to “All” (everybody), though? I think “known contacts” should be better as the installation default, to avoid spam.

(Ideally deltachat gets email-approved known contacts from scanning your INBOX and SENT folders, in addition to the address book. Which should automatically make the user reachable by the most current contacts. )

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