How to manage lists in Delta.Chat

Both: Android 10, Windows 10 Home

My impression is there are three lists occuring in Delta.Chat;

    • list of chats
    • list of contact requests
    • list of rejected contacts

I’m curious haw these lists are managed best.

list of chats:

  • I can select individual chats or can choose select all.
  • I can delete the selected with the consequence they are deleted in the app, but not on the server

list of contact requests

  • I can select individual chats but cannot choose select all.
  • I can delete the selected ones, but with the consequence they are deleted on both in the App and on the server

list of rejected contacts

  • I cannot select individual chats and cannot choose select all.
  • I cannot delete them directly (as they cannot be selected) and have to go to a dialogue for each single item of the list and tell each one “stop blocking”

Any correction of my description is welcome, in case I described something in the wrong way.

My impression is, it would be easier to learn and easier to handle, if there was a common way of management for these lists. I would suggest to give identical options to select individually and select all in the management options of each of these lists.
And I would appreciate, if I had the option selecting if my action will have consequences

  • only for the app or
  • both app and on the server

Generally it would be nice to learn something how these lists are maintained by the app behind the scene :slight_smile:

List of messages and list of contacts are lists you forgot in your list. At the moment the list of contact requests is technically a list of messages.


I didn’t find how to display the list of messages. Is it the list of Contact Requests in their representation by the three-dash menu? That seems to me being the display of a concattenated succession of the contents of all emails/messages. A different representation of the same items occurs on top of the chat list, where the Contact Requests seem to be splitted into individual requests for sequenced treatment by the user.

Where is the list of contacts?
Do You mean list of accepted contacts? Where can I get them displayed? I only found the list of rejected contacts in the menu.

sign “+” loads them all, my person guesses (but as far as understood a mix of app, email-server and ? address-lists), good Hans.

the list of messages is the chat view.
when you open a new chat or add people to a group you get a contact list.

Ah, OK — Is list of messages or chat view what I originally had called list of chats or is it , what I see, when I open a chat?
Is there somewhere a comprehensive manual for DC? Maybe some of my questions can be answered by reading it.


Thank You for explanation.
I didn’t find a comprehensive manual for DC. Is there one, explaining a bit more the concepts than the FAQ list?

What I would find interesting at this point is, e.g. how does DC manage the Contacts List. On the Android phone it seems to be a compilation of an extract from the Android contacts data base amended by email-addresses collected from incomin emails. If that was the case, I would find it interesting to know, if the Contacts list is updated from both sources each time I push the (+) button and each email is coming in or if have any choice to force an update? Does it check the emails in my In-Box? Can I change or delete items from the list and does it affect the source … lot’ s of questions.
Is there a place to find answers except by asking here?

When pushing the gray + down right, a list, starting with new group, new verified group, followed by “all” contacts (emails) appears, and not other to be found as far as seen, good Hans.

this is just a bunch of messages so it is a “message list”, being able to select all messages from a list of messages (for example in chat) is something useful, I receive request to “allow to empty/clear chat, delete all messages from a chat without removing the chat” that will be possible if “select all” is added to menu when selecting messages

My person thinks that the lack of such would be actually a good possibility to give something back, or forward, wouldn’t it? Maybe good Hans feels inspired to initiate such.

(just as possibility, if needing space for multi-user access to work on such: en:tech:delta-chat:manual [] , a wiki, open for good undertakings. Access is set so that no login is required.)