"Comprehensive Manual for DC"

Valued Delta-Chat team, developers and user,

Coming from @Hans1 inspiration of a Manual, and thought it might be good if certain results of investigations about DC might sometimes inspire to collect them as a kind of “gift foward” my person created a wiki-page as a posdibility for such:

(should be accessible without register, open to edit, creat, upload)

Sure also no problem to host it also in different languages.

(“a fork”: Comprehensive manual for Sangha-Sarahari (Delta Chat) [] Access for edit is set to do not require login.)

My person trust that such is welcome by the team and wishes much joy in good undertakings.


If possible, take screenshots in PNGs, not JPEG. All screenshots in the manual have visible artifacts now.

Saddhu for hints, although not readly knowing what this means and it’s possible disadvantages. Btw. merely all draft, surely good to have more “dispersonalizised” sample images.

(Another question: does editing work? Much of such will be required, as my person is not only ignorant to technical languages and all but not really qualified for detail issues)

My person guesses that it gives already a little impression of how thought to do.

Word-definition is probably most importand and good if even certain conform or in relation with structur used in developer areas.

Chapters, if possible then containing also the technical specials for developers, are later good to make to own pages (each defined word)

It may then also easy used to link in support issues here and maybe answers may often be given by share edits there first.

All just merely gross structur and my persons focus will stay on using it to direct explain simple for “dummies”, mainly in the fork-version.

Having created an area for use on original, may what ever one might feel inspired be always used fpr arrangement.

Added the FAQ’s as well, and started to crosslink specific terms (not all external links from orig. added yet, not back linked as well) Comprehensive manual for Delta Chat []

My person thinks that the core struction is now made and all open for refining and a making it a hangy way of “central” share (maybe good also to have such offline in the app)

Ending now this extrem interval-less session in “one finger eagle system” typing on old tabled from remote forest cave and 25% net coverage… my person wishes much inspiration with what ever good inspired to do with it, as a possible huge way of accessibility and also for merits, dedicating ones deeds toward good and harmless undertakings and formoste worth of such dedications users.

Maybe German and Khmer follows, but that would be lot of possibility to correct not so perfect.


My person thinks that the main structure is now complete and maybe of use to take on it to refine gross starts.

As it wouldn’t be proper to sacrifices toward world back, my person will now end to edit the Delta Chat manual draft [DC] Comprehensive manual for Delta Chat [] and focus on the “fork”, whether come into being or not Comprehensive manual for Sangha-Sarahari (Delta Chat) [] dedicated for liberation.

Next step will be adding all text string links so that any localization would be best in quality and manual could also be quick made for other languages.

Wheras such might be not so needed in modern world, without such it’s hard for people in old world, and not so used to IT, to figue things out.

As for general to give into such, giving first, the Sideeffect is that one learns without debts by intention to give and to start such from the beginning is good reasoned in the Austrian proverb “Was Hänschen nicht lernt (gibt), lernt (gibt) @Hans1 nicht mehr.”

Mag alles Richtung Großzügikeit inspirieren, wie auch Erkennen lernen was der Opfer würdig ist und große und langfristigere Früchte Richtung wahrem Glück trägt.