[Manual] QR code (tips and tricks), and bugs?

Valued team, developer, user,

a total mystery in use, such OR’s, for my person and of course also fastly errors while “playing” around with it to feed the Manual.

Maybe one feels inspired to make shares on it, broadens even the manual or to ask questions on it (also to feed the arising of infos on it) here.

OR code

Used for:

Inviting via OR

One can scan OR code to access a particular chat via a given OR image. Within the chat-profile, reachable via ”view-profil“ in the chat-menuthe corresponding OR for a chat can be found and shared letting others join the group.

One can use the OR here to join the chat “Comprehensive Manual Delta Chat”, if still existing.

The error, bug?, arosen, while clicking the picture and chose “share” on android 4… obiviosly opening delta chat quickly (so a very “smart” and pulling stuff, those QR’s, as it seems. This arose:


…and chosen “report Bug” (then via, selecting Delta-dev) opened DC but seems to end there, at least to new chat or something was seen.

how can onprem server admin for users, automaticaly fill the add new account setttings for qrcode?


You need to put into QR-code the string DCACCOUNT:your-url-here, where your-url-here is an HTTPS URL, which returns a JSON


in response to POST, such that

curl -X POST your-url-here

returns this JSON.

thanks but onprem server need a lot of config.
I think advanced setup qr code implemented yet.

email address
existing password
imap login name
imap server
imap port
imap security
smtp login name
smtp password
smtp server
smtp port
smtp security
authorization method
certificate checks

This kind of configuration should be put into the standard XML file also supported by Thunderbird:

Delta Chat will pick it up too during autoconfiguration.

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I install and configure autoconfig (thanks man!) solved my problem.
how can I change the “certificate checks” to “strict”? I can’t find it autoconfig parameter (I guess its not supported).

If somebody of you here feels inspired to explain what you are even talk about it might be surely useful for many (someone like my person understands only “railway-station” = e.g. chips and bites are known just in other context) *smile*

Currently it can only be done manually by the user in “advanced settings” or by adding a record to GitHub - deltachat/provider-db: Database of Email Providers and how good they work with DeltaChat (even empty one with your domain is sufficient). We have already introduced this “strict” setting, changed the default for provider database to “strict” recently and I plan to change the meaning of “Automatic” for new setups to strict, so strict is opt-out, not opt-in. Unfortunately, we can’t enable it immediately for every unknown provider, because it will break existing setups with providers using self-signed certificates.

The discussion is about a different type of QR-codes used to create accounts. Initially it was introduced to setup “burner accounts” via GitHub - deltachat/mailadm: mail account administration tool for temporary and other account creation/modification, but @kkimber wants to use it to simplify setup of permanent accounts for new users, so they can setup an account by scanning the QR-code instead of typing in their login and password.

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