How to manage (suggested) contacts?

Valued delta-team, valued user,

in the case one likes to add an new contact a list of suggested email contacts opens.

My person’s question here would be:
Where does delta-app gains those contacts from?

How, if possible, could one add contacts beyond manually one by one to this suggestion list (address book)?

If deriving those addresses from a certain list, even if such import directly isn’t possible, maybe additional addresses could be added to the source of the suggestion list.

What ever inspirations in this regard are appreciated.

DeltaChat (android and iOS) reads contacts from the system adressbook when the user allowed it to access that list.
In the newer versions it also loads contacts of previous emails that were sent from that email account.

Appreciation Master Simon,

having set two email-accounts, both have different suggestions of contacts. Seemingly (as good Simon pointed on) fetching them from the particular sever, taking contacts from previous mails.

Neither would my person know how to approach system-address book nor the auto-collected contacts.

How could one manage contacts? Is there a way to import/export such?

My person would wonder how intensive user could works without address-book and management of it.
Wondering also why there isn’t a function section for admin ones contacts, sort, classify, even if already added to ones communication parteners.

There are apps that allow adding contacts to the phones contact book from various sources. the included contacts app should be able to import contacts from various sources.

What is the goal here exactly? importing a central contact register (like a telephone book)?

Very practical, good master Simon, at first place: Having two email accounts, my person would like to add the suggested/used contacts of one email with the other email-account. Manually it would take days, at least hours.

Wondering at this instance how users how mainly use it as communication tool, handle it, especially “freaks”. Hardly would they be satisfied by using it as it is, right?

a related feature proposal:

Sadhu for share of practical solution, Master Simon, at least for import of contacts if having csv-files, if knowing where the (for my person mystical) device store of contacts can be found. Yet, may person would have a hard to gain such files from used email client delta. (Maybe online portal of client serves with such, trying to import, export there, and hoping delta-chat would recognice a intentional address book of that software, aside of auto-store of used contacts for each mail account)

Please, it should not be seen as demand or even personal wish, but just practical feed-back for another world. Given is already most useful and high generously.